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mercredi 18 août 2010


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Daniel E.

This was hilarious.  I was laughing out loud.  And I could seriously imagine reading in italics, (which Vox does not support in the comment box as far as I know), at the bottom, "Philip Mohr is a first-year teacher in a critical needs school district in Mississippi."  Submit this to USA Today or the Times.


umm yeah why have you not talked to me about this earlier because I COULD HAVE WRITTEN IT. We have this too, and it's disastrous. Our administration also just doesn't know what to do with it, and so neither do we. We've been yelled at at meetings because we "aren't doing anything" in enrichment, but they took a week and half to get a half-assed plan together in the first place and literally kept avoiding us every time we tried to ask what we were supposed to do in homeroom.  We have an assembly every week, too. Is this the assembly in the perfectly placed homeroom slot? No...homeroom is "too valuable" to lose so we instead lose time in our first three class. Glad to hear this is as messed up somewhere else too. 

Is this what you were asking me about USA test prep for? Call me about this; I may be able to help. 


is actually courtesy of Ashton.  We call our homeroom "Reading Period" and it is, conveniently, immediately after lunch.  I completely used the lesson plans from this website for my homeroom last year.  It covers Geography as well as English and I made the kids answer the questions in complete sentences.  The passages are very readable and the kids can also work at their own pace.  I rewarded mine for finishing 5 assignements with a Gatorade.  It makes you realize just how cheap talk can be when administrators can say that they've instituted tutorials etc. in the school day and this is the reality of the situation.


ahhh, homeroom interventions.  The state pays thousands and thousands of dollars to train and place greatly needed certified teachers like us to come in and replace those vacancies which are difficult to fill or which have previously been filled by unqualified non-certified teachers.  .... Then the same state (at least how it works at our school) has teachers spend an entire class period teaching a state tested subject lesson in something they're not certified in (in violation of your contract).   Fail.  

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